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The reader is left with the impression that Log 7 actually contains at least a second story not credited. Reading along, one gets closer and closer to the end of Log 7. The reader believes then that Log 7 consists of just two stories with the second story getting longer treatment. All of a sudden, deus ex machina-like, a character from the backwards universe shows up and explains that everything has all been tied together and it is really only one story. More than that, the backwards universe didn't really exist.


So all that imagining I did of additional stories involving that universe was wasted. So going into Log 8, the reader is ready for anything. As it turns out, this is clearly one story, much more finely crafted, more of a novella. The description on the back cover fits the story.

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About Alan Dean Foster. Evans , Aug 18, Omnibus collection available exclusively to comic book stores and secondary retailers such as grocery stores and news stands. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Lance and Nerys Myk like this.

I am well satisfied. If we apply each of the above ratios to the fact that Stardate The highest possible Stardate-to-year ratio is With the two above conclusions, it is possible to calculate a calendar date for any Stardate given in The Next Generation , Deep Space Nine , and Voyager. Subtracting 21, days, 1, minutes, from April 6, , calculates to Friday, July 5, , around noon. So we can conclude that Stardate During the run of The Original Series , there were few references to dates, nor even to the century in which the series took place.

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Furthermore, the Stardates used in The Original Series had a different starting point than The Next Generation Stardates, so it is impossible to directly extrapolate dates backwards from The Next Generation. The episode takes place on Stardate Thus, for Picard's statement to be true on that date, Sarek would have been born between May 4, and May 3, Enterprise is celebrating Thanksgiving. The given Stardates for this episode were This is Fact: Captain Kirk's monologue in the opening titles of The Original Series established that the crew was on a five-year mission.

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The earliest Stardate in The Original Series was Fact: If episodes of The Animated Series are also considered part of the original five-year mission, then the earliest Stardate was Fact: In the Voyager episode "Q2," Icheb states that Kirk completed his historic five-year mission in Therefore, all episodes of The Original Series must have taken place after January 1, assuming it was exactly five years , and before January 1, Fact: Christmas is traditionally celebrated on December 25, and office Christmas parties are typically celebrated sometime in December.

If the Christmas party were the following year, then the difference of The Christmas party referred to could not be from the year before Thanksgiving in "CHARLIE X," since the possible date range for the five-year mission established in "Q2" dictates that the five-year mission did not begin before Having calculated above that Stardate Therefore, there must be at least This means that Stardate So, assuming the lowest possible Stardate-to-year ratio of November 23, - Given the above facts and calculations , we can conclude that: Stardate The lowest possible Stardate-to-year ratio is Therefore, in The Original Series , one Stardate is no more than 11,, Given the above starting point and the assumed ratio of So the earliest Stardate in The Original Series -- The earliest Stardate in The Animated Series -- However, it is clear that it is not a simple linear continuation of the same Stardate system.

Therefore, either the time ratio of The Original Series Stardates changed mid-way through the original five-year mission and continued through the movies, or else the motion pictures use another Stardate system with a completely new starting point and different time ratio from The Original Series Stardates.

So, based on the end date of the five-year mission established in "Q2," Stardate On Stardate Carol Marcus on Stardate After Stardate Therefore, Stardate Enterprise is twenty years old. An officer later refers to Uhura as a twenty-year space veteran. Enterprise flight recorder shows that Spock was dying from radiation poisoning after escaping the Genesis Device detonation on Stardate Stardates McCoy before entering the irradiated Engineering chamber. Enterprise crew has been on Vulcan for three months since just after Stardate One of those things, of course, was Star Trek Online.

Contrary to its showing in , Star Trek Online was the focus of not just one but two complete formal panels this year. Tasha Yar. The second panel was co-hosted by Massively and Trek Radio and featured a panel of STO devs who talked about the game and gave us some great sneak-peeks at Season Eight works in progress!

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After a small but intense schedule snafu, the Legacy of Romulus panel featuring Denise Crosby went on in the main ballroom. Never seen the main ballroom of the Rio Hotel? It's immense.

“I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer!”

It holds approximately people and has a large, raised stage. Crosby seemed genuinely happy to be there and affiliated with the game so much so she participated in another event that I'll discuss below. She has a true affection for her Star Trek characters and appears to relish the fact that both of them have been included in the game.

In fact, she admitted that she always had hope that the Sela character specifically would experience a lot of growth and gain complexity, she seems pleased that STO is allowing that character development, more so than she could have ever hoped.

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Star Trek Log 8 is a novelization of the Star Trek: The Animated Series episode, " The Eye of Log Eight at Memory Beta, the wiki for licensed Star Trek works. Star Trek Log Eight [Alan Dean Foster] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The episode is entitled The Eye of the Beholder where Kirk, Spock.

Crosby has apparently become so close with the development team at STO that she volunteered to act as the officiant for the vow renewal ceremony for Al Rivera and his wife Amy. If there was any question from the STO community that members of the development team weren't Trek fans, the above photo should pretty much dispel any remaining doubts. The ceremony took place on the refurbished bridge set of the U.

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Enterprise-D saved from demolition after the closure of the Star Trek Experience attraction once housed at the former Las Vegas Hilton. A non-profit organization painstakingly rebuilt the command, operations, and helm positions and transported them all to the convention site so fans could enjoy them once again. The ceremony was, as one fan put it, "the nerdiest thing I have ever been a part of, and I'm proud to say so. The panel was co-moderated by Lisa Guetzkow of Trek Radio, on whose site you can view the recorded version of the panel.

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The panel opened by going over the developers' duties and responsibilities. We followed that up with a recap of the Legacy of Romulus expansion and its success. The Voth are set to become the new bad-guys beginning in Season Eight!