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Compendio de Robbins y Cotran. Email address. This was not because those who entered the profession were more anti-Semitic than their peers in other fields, but instead because Jews were regarded in the early 20th century as non-Western and therefore unfit to teach Western philosophy. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information. Vassallo, Frege on Thinking and its Epistemic Significance. Review of R.

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Finally available in English, Príhonský's New Anti-Kant is an inescapable book for anyone interested in Kant's Critical philosophy. It provides a concise and. New Anti-Kant is the title of the book. New? Yes, it was a new Anti-Kant when it was first published in Another Anti-Kant, this one by.

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We commonly assume that anti-Semitism and related attitudes are a product of ignorance and fear, or fanatical beliefs, or some other irrational force. But it is by now well known that some of the most accomplished thinkers in modern societies have defended anti-Semitic views. For instance, several of the major Enlightenment philosophers — including Hume, Voltaire and Kant — developed elaborate justifications for anti-Semitic views.

One common thread running through the work of these philosophers is an attempt to diminish the influence of Judaism or the Jewish people on European history.

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Voltaire saw the Adamites as a major menace to European civilization, since they kept infecting it with what he considered the horrible immorality of the Bible. Voltaire therefore insisted that Europe should separate itself from the Adamites, and seek its roots and heritage and ideals in the best of the pre-Adamite world — for him, the Hellenic world. Polygenetic racists, such as Hume and Voltaire, regarded the differences between European Christians and others as immutable, because they derived from separate ancestry rather than contingent environmental factors.

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Kant, too, thought that Jews had immutable traits that made them inferior to Christians. In this way, Jews are the opposite of autonomous, rational Christians, and are therefore incapable of being incorporated into an ethical Christian society. When the anti-Semitic views of great thinkers such as Kant, Voltaire or Hume or Hegel, Schopenhauer, Heidegger and Wittgenstein, for that matter are exposed, one typical response is to question whether these prejudices are integral to their important works and ideas.

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